Empowering Magic: 8-Week Soul Coaching Group Class


This course content includes:

  1. Two 60-minute one-on-one coaching sessions, valued at $7,200

  2. Six group coaching sessions (two 4-hour sessions, four 1.5-hour sessions, 14 hours total), worth $16,800

  3. Soul Coaching Course Instruction Manual (111 pages in total), Four Elements Linking Meditation Sound Files (4 in total), course completion certificate, worth 9,000 yuan

  4. The opportunity to practice collective wisdom with the Soul Tribe is priceless

The total value exceeds 33,000 Yuan course content, as long as 19,800 Yuan

Note: New customers need to make a 30-minute reservation before signing upFirst online meeting, confirm your willingness to invest

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Please imagine a world,In this world, everyone, including you, is connected to an "inner purpose" and personal "unique gift" power.In this world, you experience active participation in life, a clear sense of direction, joy, contentment, and gratitude. Wake up every morning with energy, hope, motivation, and a positive attitude to live a life that connects you, creates opportunities, and works and lives for meaning and value. You can accept the highs and lows of life, create authentic connections in relationships, and express your true feelings, especially with yourself.

Not just certain days, but every day.

"Empowering Magic: Eight-Week Soul Coaching Group Class" is designed for this purpose.

This is a powerful course

"Empowering Magic: The Eight-Week Soul Coaching Course" is a powerful course that anyone can take.

It originates from American spiritual teacher Denise Lynn and is a process that takes you deep within. It allows you to take an honest look at yourself and your life, face your fears, release old negative patterns, gain motivation, and boldly and cheerfully embrace your future and your innate power. Once you commit to this project, life will seem to unfold in extraordinary ways, orchestrating people, situations, opportunities, and experiences to allow you to rediscover this untapped potential in yourself. No longer will you wake up exhausted or come home feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

Synchronicities and seemingly "coincidences" begin to multiply in your life. You may still not quite understand why this is happening, but as if your statement of commitment to yourself is heard loud and clear, amazing events naturally appear in your life. All of this is designed to support you in inspiring more of yourself and unveiling the life of your dreams.

Empowerment Magic Coaching sessions align your inner compass, secretly envisioning impossible dreams, with your outer life. It helps you clear and distance yourself from mental and emotional noise, excuses, distractions, excessive busyness, and clutter so you can hear guidance from within. Awaken and discover your true purpose, strengths, and values so that you can design your life to support more of the parts of you that are aligned with your true self.

🔔 Important reminder: Your unique purpose has to do with who you want to be in the world and how you want to represent yourself, not what you want to do.(It’s normal that you can’t quite understand it now. Trust this process and one day you will understand it~~~.)

Is now the time to join a course?

☑️  I have always taken life seriously, but I always felt that something was missing.

☑️ I don’t want to end my life with emptiness, dissatisfaction or regret

☑️  我想要用自己的力量讓能力所及的地方變得更好

☑️  我想要用靈魂來發展我的第二人生

Three major features of the course

  1. Eight weeks of intensive self-exploration: You will receive a 111-page instruction manual (containing 84 soul connection exercises), allowing you to make a huge leap forward in your personal growth!

  2. Small groups of 4-8 people:Allowing you to participate with peace of mind and receive sincere companionship and support.

  3. Both depth and breadth of learning:The course includes 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with Sabine and 6 group interactive sharing sessions, meeting both needs at once.

Course structure



  • In order to maintain the interactive quality of group classes, new customers are required to make a 30-minute reservation before registering.First online meeting, confirm your willingness to invest

  • The physical course will be held in Taipei

Empowering Magic: 8-Week Soul Coaching Group Class


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