What is a soul coach?

Soul Coaching® is a coaching system originated from American spiritual teacher Denise Linn. The ultimate goal isLive a dream life that is consistent internally and externally. It is a system that helps you clear away the messy physical, emotional, and mental energy, and then allows you to hear the true inner voice. It helps you give your life meaning and design a life that supports your vision.

Soul coaching is not psychotherapy. Psychological counselors usually have many years of training and focus on the cognitive transformation of emotional issues. The main job of a soul coach isGet rid of the clutter inside, allowing you to discover your own unique inner wisdom, heal yourself, and move forward.

It is normal to have some internal clutter, but when it accumulates too much, you will unconsciously indulge in your own little theater, feel that the connection with people becomes superficial, feel less about the joy of life, or repeat behavior patterns that are not beneficial to the body and mind.

By listening to the voice of your soul, you will step by stepBe yourself.

“As a soul coach, I work through acceptance, trust, sincerity, and heart-to-heart communication.Let customers reveal the light of their soul! " 

Three major features of soul coaching

Guided by your soul

Subconscious travel to receive soul messages

Use mind card wisdom

Vision Exploration, Psychological Projection, Spiritual Oracle, Three Cards Together

Integrate energy healing

Integrating Feng Shui Fire Earth Inner Alchemy

Benefits of Soul Coaching
repeated confusion
increasingly clear direction
Difficulty driving change
Inner strength is growingpowerful
See the challenges and misfortunes
See opportunities and good luck

How Soul Coach Helped Them…

"I have always been a person who radiates positive energy and looks at life in a positive way. Despite this, there are still low points that are difficult to overcome. However, Sabrina's coaching class allowed me to experience what I saw in myself in the past. Underneath, there is a deeper inner power.”

Ms. You, Human Resources Manager

"Sabrina is completely different from the coaches I have come into contact with. There are no dogmatic principles that seem effective and feasible at the moment, but are actually difficult to use. In response to my various doubts and situations at the moment, she uses a variety of methods (really a variety of methods, it should be More than 10 kinds), accompanying me to find the crux of the problem, sometimes helping me listen to my own voice, and sometimes releasing the neglected pressure. With Sabrina's company, my life is changing in the direction I expect. This is I’ve taken so many management courses and nothing has changed.”

Ms. Zhang, Banking Industry Marketing

"It is very interesting to ask myself questions through drawing cards. I feel that I can avoid the personal bias of the coach. However, under the guidance of Sabrina, I reflected and found the answer (of course, you still have to rely on yourself to take action). The awareness and production of the entire consultation The opinions I gained were almost unexpected, and I gained a lot! Based on these gains, I started to get up early in the morning to exercise and do things again. I think it is a positive frequency resonance!"

Sansan, working mother

"Because of the company's arrangements, I had the opportunity to have a several-week coaching session with Sabrina, which is different from the one-on-one coaching courses for senior executives. At the beginning of the conversation, I discussed the points I wanted to improve, and under Sabrina's guidance , I explored the root of the problem and ways to improve it layer by layer. In the middle and late stages, the topics began to shift towards life-related matters. Under the guidance of the coach, I released a lot of inner pressure and reconciled with myself and the past. "

Mr. Huang, medical industry

“Sabrina has a deep intuitive sense that brings the most profound revelations! Her guidance is gentle and flows with such ease which allows for my soul to feel relaxed and for messages to arise with that same ease. It really does lead to deep breakthroughs for coachees !!!”

Shirley, Teacher

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