【Real Customer Story】The Adventures of My Soul

Life coaching sessions with Sabine have been going on for a period of time since 2021. From then on, I faced a serious imbalance in work and life. I was exhausted both physically and mentally. During the session with Sabine, I gradually discovered A lot of key information that I had never expected in advance; as our coaching sessions progressed, I figured out a new balance in my life and explored future development directions. The impact of this process on me continues to change as time goes by. Evolving.

It is really difficult to summarize this adventure in a few words. But here I try to list some of the key gains:

The answer comes from myself

Unlike a running coach, who will give me a schedule to teach me how to run, tell me what the ideal running posture looks like, or immediately answer my questions. As a soul coach, Sabine uses different exercises or Tools that help me start a dialogue with my inner self.

Many times, as I walk along, I realize that the real question is not the one I asked at the beginning, and I often get answers that I didn’t expect. What never changed was that it was not Sabine who gave me the answer but myself. This is something that often surprises me. It turns out that I am stronger than I thought.

Don't be limited by imagination and expectations, be open to accepting everything you encounter, everything is actually not that complicated

During our adventure, I accidentally discovered that if I want to explore my future, I need to first resolve the "stones" that remain in my heart and hinder my progress. I thought it would be huge and difficult to resolve the pain accumulated over the years. I had a lot of imagination and expectations before facing it. Unexpectedly, when we faced it in a direct duel, the pain of 20 years was actually in 20 years. Minutes were released. This experience made me realize the many limitations that my imagination and expectations had placed on me in the past, and I also felt the power of acceptance and surrender.

mind-body connection

During our exploration, I was shocked to realize how fragmented the connection between mind and body has been due to long-term neglect. Many times, the physical sensations are already conveying the feelings of the heart, but I have no way of knowing. Through our coaching sessions, I re-established the connection with my body and mind, and gained more awareness of my body and mind.

Translated into daily life, this means that I can judge whether I am angry/sad/excited at the moment... When I know where the emotion is and where it comes from, I will not be led by it; instead, I will interact with my body. The sensory connection helps me perceive life in a more comprehensive way, and it even helps with sports performance.

The power of meditation

In addition to exploring different meditation practices in coaching classes, I accidentally participated in Sabine's online meditation event last year, and since then I have re-incorporated meditation into a cornerstone of my life. Most people may have heard of the benefits of meditation. Even if they don't know, whether you go to Google or ask ChatGPT, you can get a more complete description than what I wrote.

But for me, the most difficult thing is how to make meditation a part of your life, because only by doing it and experiencing it can you feel its power. Thanks to Sabine's activities, I can embrace meditation again, so that I can live more consciously.

Thank you to the arrangement of the universe for allowing Sabine to accompany me through my second "soul adolescence." Looking back on our "soul adventure", I always feel that it was another major turning point in my life. Thanks to Sabine for her help, I continue to meet a better version of myself.

Author: Miss You

Time of writing: 2023.4.5

【Real Customer Story】The Adventures of My Soul
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