How to find a life/career coach that suits you?

Finding the right life coach for you may take some time and research, and since life coaching is still an emerging industry, you may want to spend a little more time researching who can actually meet your needs. Here are a few directions to help you make a decision:

  1. know yourself: Before looking for a life coach, you must first understand the areas in which you want to be assisted, such as: exploring meaning and mission, resolving inner conflicts, dreams and practice, etc. Then look at which life coaches (Life Coaches) have expressed their views on this field on public platforms, and then you can ask them if they have any successful experience in assisting clients to deal with this topic.
  2. Find resources:You can find coaches through friend introductions, Internet searches, social media, relevant associations and groups, etc. This part is not too difficult. The universe will always let you see and know what you need now; otherwise, maybe the opportunity Not yet. The fact that you are reading this article now probably means that fate has arrived. :)
  3. Confirm coaching qualifications:After you see a life coach that interests you, you can ask him what professional training and certification he has received, how many clients he has served and how many hours he has served, to understand the extent of his professional knowledge and experience. You don’t necessarily need a “guru,” but if you open yourself up to a stranger exploring your inner world, you want to feel that this person takes their work seriously.
  4. Search reviews and recommendations:Read other people's reviews and testimonials about Life Coaches to learn about their style, personality, and results. Have you ever thought about it: which life coach (Life Coach) does not put five-star customer testimonials, saying how good they are? The reviews may also be written by friends and classmates, and they will all speak more pleasantly. When you read reviews and recommendations, please don’t look at the number of stars. Instead, calm down and read the reviewer’s words. You can feel his mood when he wrote and whether he was sincere.
  5. Get a coaching experience:Before officially starting long-term coaching services, it is important to have an interview or experience with a life coach (Life Coach). This can give you a better understanding of whether their methods and style are consistent with your expectations. I think this is the most important step! No matter how much market research you do, it’s better to experience it for yourself. Many life coaches (Life Coaches) provide free consultations or single coaching sessions, including me. From the actual one-on-one interaction, you can find out whether you resonate with the coach when talking to him, and whether the coach's communication method is easy for you to understand and receive. In other words, whether your channel can be connected.

Finally, hesitation is normal. When I decided to work with my current life coach, I was resistant. Ask yourself what is the reason for your resistance? Is there really something weird about this coach that makes you feel uncomfortable? Or is this a variety of reasons for you to want to return to your comfort zone before you are ready to grow? Answer honestly.

How to find a life/career coach that suits you?
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