common problem

Question: I still don’t know if it’s the right time to find a coach, what should I do?

Answer: Don’t panic, the following timings are for your reference:)

  • There are two voices in the brain at the same time, which consumes a lot of energy. It is impossible to decide important choices in life by listing advantages and disadvantages.
  • Want to follow your true inner desires, but always get carried away by external things
  • Some long-buried longings, but always give up halfway, becoming more and more disappointed with myself
  • Some long-hidden fears, fear of facing it alone and no one around me can understand it
  • Want to explore unknown aspects of yourself and live a more conscious and clear life
  • You don’t know why, but you’re attracted to it, and deep down you know: “It’s time.”

Q: What if it’s like dating and you realize you’re not a good fit after you start?

Answer: It is recommended that friends who meet me for the first time make an appointment for a single coaching session first. New customers enjoy the new customer experience price and can directly confirm whether the frequency of each other is compatible. After starting long-term coaching, the coaching agreement has a termination clause. If you really feel that it is not suitable, there is no need for a reason or an apology. We only need to conduct another meeting to summarize and avoid unfinished business.

Question: My problem has existed for a long time. Can it really be changed?

Answer: No one can "guarantee" for you what will happen in your life. Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right. Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right. This is the famous saying of Henry Ford, the car king, and it is also a sentence that has been constantly confirmed in my personal experience. If you have been attracted to this page, I believe your heart may have opened a small crack, waiting to let the light in. Are you willing to let go of past experiences and trust yourself and the world again? :)

Q: I want to start coaching, what do I need to prepare?

Answer: Congratulations on winning the grand prize! Hahaha.The most important thing is to prepare an open mind to play, when you are the ocean, you can embrace all rivers; when you are a child, anything can make you laugh. Please also prepare a notebook that makes you happy when you read it, as a coaching diary. If you are a little anxious, you can first list down all the issues that have worried you and bring them to the meeting. In my own experience of being coached, I often bring up things that I consider to be very small, so small that I feel shy to say them, but they often come to mind. The result is always a jaw-dropping discussion. Expect surprises!

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