All your wishes come true, dream card + dream board workshop


Event date: 2023/11/11 (Saturday)

Activity time: Morning session 9:30-12:30 / Afternoon session 2:00-5:00

Activity location: Photosynthetic Life. Soul Room (No. 26, Lane 38, Taishun Street, Taipei City)

Number of people: up to 8 people

Activity cost:Original price: 3,000 yuan/ Early bird: 2,222 yuan (ends on 9/30)/ Early bird price: 2,500 yuan (ends on 10/31)

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Do you make an annual wish list?

according toUS Ipsos ResearchPoint out that only 8% people will fulfill their New Year's resolutions, while 80% people have completely forgotten their New Year's resolutions in early February every year. Gradually, this frustration of not being able to realize their wishes makes people less and less motivated to "dream", and even evolves into questioning self-worth and the meaning of life.

When we only think with our rational brain and ignore our intuition to create, it is easy to work too hard or fall into the trap of "becoming the person we envy". Let’s break the inertia of the past and start practicing creating from the heart!

"Universe, show me how wonderful my life can be!"

Image Source: Super Attractor Oracle Cards

The universe is my backer.

I am the universe.

This is a workshop that will change you in 2024

We manifest what we truly feel within ourselves.

We manifest what we truly feel within ourselves.

We manifest what we truly feel within ourselves.

It’s very important, so say it three times.

If you feel that you are not good enough, you will manifest into the outer world that always seems to have something wrong with it. If you feel your own loveliness, you will manifest an external world that makes you want to smile when you look at it. What do you want to feel? Get creative with this workshop!

Three major features of the workshop

1. Meditation guides you to go deep inside, allowing you to manifest "soul desire" rather than "ego delusion"

Through guided meditation, Sabine has helped hundreds of people hear the voice of their souls during hundreds of hours of subconscious exploration. During the activity, we will practice letting go of the noisy ego voice in our heads and connect with deeper inner wisdom.

2. Combine the dual tools "Dream Card" and "Dream Board" to integrate your rationality and sensibility

Will your rationality and sensibility fight? The perceptual brain helps us use images, intuition, and inspiration to create connections with the greater self, giving you clues to create profound life experiences; the rational brain helps us sort out the specific structures, processes, and resources in reality to create action plans that are easier to implement. .

The activity will combine text-based dream cards and picture-based dream boards to help you integrate your own talents.

What is a Dream Card?

Dream Card is a set of career development tools that can clarify your career value system and anchor your dream life. Designed by Lin Xiuhe and Li Yifang, it has a history of ten years and has helped thousands of people!

dream card
Image source: Four Seasons Career Development Academy official website

What is a dream board?

A dream board is a visual tool that displays images, text, charts, and other elements. By regularly seeing your goals and visions, you can enhance your motivation, focus, and confidence, making it more likely that you will achieve those goals.

Image source: Canva

3. The energy of the venue is great, and it can accommodate up to eight people, giving you a workshop experience of "being comfortable and being yourself"

As soon as I entered the photosynthetic life. In the soul room, your heart is a little excited. It is close to the National Normal University Night Market, but it has the energy of tranquility in the bustle, making it easy to connect with yourself.(Thanks to the physical, mental and spiritual teachers who used to maintain a space here)

Each event only accepts a maximum of eight people, and the small class interaction is stress-free, allowing us to "be comfortable and be ourselves" during the event. This energy will also be manifested in 2024~~~😌

Image source: Photosynthetic Life. soul room
Image source: Photosynthetic Lifesoul room

Workshop outline

  1. Opening meditation: return to the center, return to the heart

  2. Core concept: The secret of your wishes coming true

  3. Dream Card Activity: The most worthy investment dream in 2024

  4. Free writing meditation: the heart has no frame

  5. Dream Board Activity: A map of your dreams in 2024

  6. share time

(Note: Depending on the participants and the current situation, changes may occur at any time)

Image Source: Sabine’s 2022 Dream Board

In the end, everyone will take their lovely dream board home and place it in a prominent place at home, allowing the power of the subconscious to continue to ferment!

common problem

Q: How to get to the event location?

A: Taipei MRTTake the Green Line "Taipower Building MRT Station Exit 3" and walk for 7 minutes. (Come out of Exit 3 and turn right on Shida Road. After seeing the Lantern Braised Original Store, turn right and go straight until you reach Lane 38, Taishun Street.)

Q: Do I need to arrive early for the event?

A: The event will start on time. Please arrive 10 minutes in advance. The venue will open 15 minutes in advance.

Q: Do I need to prepare anything?

A: The event fee includes materials for making the dream board, but you can also prepare your favorite sentences and pictures in advance and bring them to the event!

Q: What should I do if I cannot go temporarily after registering?

A: You can transfer your participation status to other friends, or transfer the fee to purchase/deduct other courses.

All your wishes come true, dream card + dream board workshop

Additional information

Number of sessions

Morning session 9:30-12:30, afternoon session 2:00-5:00


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