Embrace your natural strengths: a 14-week coaching program

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This coaching program includes:

  • 6 90-minute online meetings worth RMB 24,000

  • Personalized coaching plan, character strengths assessment tool, personal talent blueprint, and 84 soul connection exercises, worth 15,000 yuan

  • Limited time gift of ten-day meditation course, worth 1,580 yuan

The total value exceeds 40,000 Yuan course content, as long as 25,000 Yuan

Note: New customers need to make a 30-minute reservation before signing upFirst online meeting, confirm your willingness to invest


Listen to what customers say

Nikki, a 36-year-old Taiwanese, was in the transition period of his career when he participated in this coaching program. He was originally unhappy in all aspects of his job. Hear what difference she made after participating in the coaching program; and, was it worth the money?

Who is suitable for the coaching program?

  1. "Being with other people for a long time makes me feel tired."

    A person who prioritizes meeting the expectations of others rather than developing his or her personal talents.

  2. "I have done a lot, but I still often feel that what I have done is not good enough."

    People who are prone to self-examination rather than self-affirmation

  3. "In the past few years, although others don't think so, I feel like I'm standing still."

    People who don’t know how to use their natural talents for career development

  4. "When people ask me what I want, I find it difficult to answer, or I can only say what I don't want."

    People who habitually suppress their inner desires and lack self-exploration

Coaching Program Core Concepts


How the coaching program works

Talk 1 (Week 1)

Anchoring your dream life and making a dream tree (Customer Interview: Dream Tree Helps?)

Talk 2 (Weeks 2-3)

Calibrate the mind and break down limiting beliefs

Talk 3 (Weeks 4-5)

Calibrate your emotions, heal your inner child or integrate personality archetypes

Talk 4 (Weeks 5-7)

Calibrate your mental power and release the ruthless character in you

Session 5 (7-10 weeks)

Calibrate your practice and let your body tell you what to do

Session 6 (Weeks 11-14)

Final celebration, deciding next steps after coaching program ends


(Note: This may change at any time depending on the individual and the current situation)


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If you can’t calm down and meditate, are you not suitable for a soul coach?

Q: What is the difference between a one-time and long-term coaching program?

Answer: In addition to the soul journey, long-term coaching also includesExclusive coaching plan,Character Strengths Test,Card tool exploration,After class exercise planning(Customer Interview: The Most Impressive Home Exercise). A single session can inspire awareness, but the temptation to revert to old automated patterns of life is also strong. Through 14 weeks of working with Sabine, you can adjust the coaching plan at any time based on actual practice and emergencies, making it easier to support you in truly bringing your personal transformation back into your life. If you decide to live a good life for yourself, go for it!

ask:What are the privacy and confidentiality measures for the coaching program?

Answer: Before the coaching program begins, we will sign a coaching agreement, which includes a confidentiality agreement and the use of personal information: "In compliance with the International Coaching Code of Ethics, the coach promises to keep client information obtained during the contract confidential and will not disclose it to any individual. With the organization. Customer personal information is only used for contracts and personal time records, and should be properly kept to maintain privacy and security."

Q: Do I need to prepare anything before joining the coaching program?

A: Get ready for a mindset of personal transformation! Your will is the key to everything. In addition, please prepare a separate space for the online meeting that is quiet, comfortable and where you can speak at ease. If you would like to meet in person (Taipei), please write to discuss.

Q: What if I encounter difficulties in the program and cannot continue participating?

Answer: If you encounter difficulties due to external emergencies, such as work changes, family illness, etc., we can adjust the goals of the coaching plan at any time to help you face the difficulties, or renegotiate the schedule of the coaching plan. If you encounter difficulties in the coaching relationship between us and you wish to seek other services, you can propose to Terminate the coaching agreement with Sabine. The deadline for the coaching agreement will be decided jointly by both parties to ensure that the coaching services can be completed in stages.


Important statement

Soul Journey cannot replace the treatment of neurosis and psychological deviation disorders. Please seek assistance from psychosomatic doctors and related types of counseling professionals.

Embrace your natural strengths: a 14-week coaching program

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