Quiet your mind: Establish a good habit of stress-relieving meditation in ten days

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  • This course contains approx. 130 分鐘的影片與音檔,並有臉書互助社團.

  • Files canRepeat exercise, you will have different experiences as you progress, which will be useful throughout your life.

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The latest report released by Gallup, a well-known American survey organization, in 2022 shows that the global negative experience index has reached a new high, and 4 out of 10 people often feel worried and stressed. A scientific briefing published by the World Health Organization in 2022 also stated that one year after the Covid-19 epidemic began, the number of people suffering from anxiety and depression increased by 25% around the world.

Scientific research confirmsMeditation can reduce stress and relax, improve concentration, quiet the noisy brain, increase compassion, etc.. Many people also come through meditation了解自己的本質與真正想要的人生,提升靈感與創造力。企業家比爾蓋茲和賈伯斯、知名主持人歐普拉、NBA湖人隊前教頭菲爾傑克森、Lady Gaga以及休傑克曼等名人據傳也皆以冥想作為Ways to maintain physical and mental health.




  1. 很想嘗試冥想,但覺得自己沒有慧根,總是無法靜下來的你

  2. 在YouTube找了冥想音樂來聽,但還是無法進入狀況的你

  3. 曾經淺嚐過冥想的好處,但還是難以培養成習慣的你

Three major features of the course

📗【Get straight to the point and build a habit in 15 minutes a day]


📗【10 secrets from 10 arenas in 10 days to defeat monsters】


  1. What should I do if I can’t find a suitable time and place for meditation?
  2. What should I do if my body cannot relax during meditation?
  3. What should I do if I have a lot of thoughts during meditation and can’t calm down?
  4. What should I do if I can’t calm down due to the influence of the environment during meditation?
  5. What should I do if I feel like falling asleep while meditating?
  6. What should I do if I feel uncomfortable while meditating?
  7. What should I do if I feel resistance during meditation and want to end it early?
  8. What should I do if I can’t follow the guided meditation words during meditation?
  9. What to do on days when you just don’t want to meditate?
  10. After meditating for a while, what can you do to increase your depth?

📗[The meditation club will accompany you to continue practicing and achieve good learning results]



Day Zero: Determining Victory or Failure, Preparing for Meditation (Video)

In fact, there is no such thing as successful or failed meditation. However, personal experience has found that the five keys to making it easier to enter a meditative state during meditation practice are: time, space, tools, posture, and intention. In this video, I will share how to create your own meditation space at home. You only need to prepare one thing to calm your mind quickly.

💡Tip: What should I do if I can’t find a suitable time and place for meditation?

Day 1: Sea breathing meditation that even a 75-year-old grandma can learn (audio)

Hello, breathe! The victory breathing method originated from yogis allows a 75-year-old grandma who claims that she cannot breathe to find her own breathing rhythm.

💡Tip: What should I do if my body cannot relax during meditation?

Day Two: Sleep Meditation, which is known as a natural sleeping pill (audio file)

Sleep meditation, which combines body scanning and breathing counting, can help people who have difficulty falling asleep fall asleep. Even if they fall asleep, it has a natural relaxing and healing effect. If you listen regularly, it can also help improve your body awareness and use your body's wisdom to help you make judgments when your brain is not functioning properly.

💡Tips: What should you do if you feel like falling asleep while meditating?

Day Three: Box Breathing Meditation for Best Performance on Important Occasions (Audio File)

As a master of tension, I use the meditation method before giving a speech or teaching every time. I can do it without closing my eyes, and it is loved by many students!

💡Tips: What should I do if I have a lot of thoughts during meditation and can’t calm down?

Day 4: Walking meditation for peaceful coexistence with the noisy world (audio)

This class allows people who cannot sit still to enjoy meditation. It combines observation of the environment and the body. It is a very suitable morning meditation to start work mode. It is also a good way to learn to coexist peacefully with the noisy external world. method.

💡Tips: What should I do if I can’t calm down due to the influence of the environment during meditation?

Day 5: X Meditation for Perfectionists (Audio)

X stands for unknown, this day is a surprise!

💡Tips: What to do on days when you just don’t want to meditate?

Day 6: Observe your inner roommate’s thoughts and meditation (audio)

On this day, we will get to know what the inner roommate in the brain that we have to get along with 24 hours a day is busy with, and help it like, subscribe and turn on the little bell.

💡A little trick: What should I do if I can’t follow the guided meditation words?

Day Seven: Gratitude Meditation to Round Off the Thorny Sharpness (Audio)

Gratitude meditation and gratitude journal are like fried chicken steak and milk. They are a perfect match. If you practice this meditation regularly, you will see that your state and words will become gentler and softer. Remember to download the gratitude journal template!

💡Tips: What should I do if I feel uncomfortable during meditation?

Day 8: Meditate on the world and the people that make you soft on the outside and strong on the inside (audio file)

Derived from the breath of unity introduced by the world's top 100 spiritual masters, Dronvallo Melchizedek, in the book "Awakening from the Heart", this is Sabine's version of paying homage to the master. Regular practice will preserve your ability to connect with people, but at the same time maintain a sense of immovable stability.

💡Tips: After meditating for a period of time, what can you do if you want to increase your depth?

Day 9: Open Your Heart to Abundance White Feather Meditation (audio)

This exercise will lead you to expand the container of your heart, improve your self-acceptance and reduce your resistance and fear when you hit the wall of your heart, so that you have more and more inner space to welcome abundance.

💡Tips: What should I do if I feel resistance during meditation and want to end it early?

Day 10: Meditation with self-calibrated soul questions (audio file) + How to continue to maintain the habit of meditation? (video)

If your soul could become magical and could change everything related to "yourself", what would you want to change? In this guided meditation, I will gently lead you to ask questions within yourself, learn to listen to the voice deep in your soul, and move forward towards a life that is aligned with your soul and consistent internally and externally.

💡Tips: How to continue to maintain a meditation habit?

In this video, we celebrate this ten-day inner journey together, using joy as the motivation to move forward. I will also introduce how to use a free meditation app to help you continue to maintain your habits, as well as other regular maintenance methods.


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What students say

  • Andrew: "Participating in Sabine's 10-day meditation began to break the rigid thoughts in my heart. Suddenly all the obsessions about "what meditation should be" were let go, and all the pressure about "where it should be" was thrown away from my shoulders. Now before every important moment, such as a high-intensity meeting or a conversation with a client, I give myself 15 minutes of meditation to return to a better prepared state.”

  • Amelie: "Sabine's ten-day meditation helped me understand different aspects of meditation, and I really like the secrets! It also made me like meditation more, and more importantly, I brought my family on board with me. Through Sabine's guidance, I can start to calm down, talk to myself, connect with my heart, and be released from it."

  • Hotcool: "It is very effective for me, a beginner who has entered meditation. After the activity, I still want to continue this morning meditation activity. I am moved when I feel the power with my friends and family, and even more in the morning." Face reality with vigor.”

  • Annebel: "I had an opportunity to start meditating again. Under Sabine's guidance, I also had different meditation experiences and learned some techniques (a little bit of Jianghu secrets), which were very helpful for me to continue to meditate after the course. . I feel that I have gained a lot of quiet energy, without so much criticism, and can accept various changes in life, including myself, very neutrally. Meditation has indeed returned to my life."

  • Jill: "At the beginning of meditation, it will be difficult to get into the situation, and you will always wonder how long the time is. By the fourth or fifth day, you can enjoy the calmness during meditation, and also develop a weird feeling if you don't meditate. I really like this time. Activities! My attitude towards life begins to slow down, I will experience and pay attention to the scenery around me, and pay more attention to my inner feelings."

  • LC: "When dealing with other people's emotions, I seem to be able to breathe consciously without being affected by the other person's emotions, and I can communicate more peacefully (although there are still times when my rationality is disconnected😅). It seems that I can be more aware of myself. Emotions, accept that you can have emotions. Although I haven’t followed the live broadcast this time, I look forward to the meditation time every day!”

  • Grace: "I originally thought that the more time you spend meditating, the better, but I learned that even 10 minutes can bring me back to the present moment. I meditate first thing in the morning, and I feel that my mental concentration is really lacking throughout the day!"

  • Jamie: "WOW, it turns out that through meditation, you can touch yourself easily and live more consciously. My anxiety at work has been reduced, and I feel more like I want to do what I can contribute. Teacher Sabine's guidance is very reassuring. It also makes getting started with meditation easy and burden-free, allowing you to accept the position of your heart, no matter how good or bad it is.”


common problem

Q: 今天付款後,何時會開通課程?

A: 付款後會立刻收到一封歡迎 Email,並於當週週六台灣早上五點開始逐日寄送課程到同一個 Email。

Q: 購買後若遇到課程使用的問題,該如何解決?

A: 所有客服問題皆可隨時私訊「靈魂教練 莎賓」的臉書或 Instagram,回覆時間為週二到週六 9:00-17:00。

Q: Is it effective to learn meditation through online courses?

A: In addition to the course videos and audio files, this class also has exclusive student clubs and support system mechanisms to help you easily join the course.

Q: What space is needed for meditation?

A: This class is designed based on the general home environment. The class will teach you how to find a suitable meditation space at home.

Q: Do I need to prepare anything to attend class?

A: This course will teach you how to meditate using the existing environment at home. It will also introduce small tools that can add points and are easy to prepare for your reference. There is no need to prepare anything in advance before class.

Q: I have tried it in the past, can I still come?

A: Very sure! This course is suitable for beginners of meditation to start from scratch, as well as for those with meditation experience. Use this course to establish your own meditation habits.

Q: I have taken a meditation course. How is this course different from other courses?

A: This class does not teach specific meditation methods, but aims to establish a meditation habit, providing tips and system designs that make it easy to get started and maintain the practice continuously.

Q: Is it appropriate for people with religious beliefs to participate in this class?

A: This class has no religious overtones. Regardless of whether you have religious beliefs or not, this class is suitable for you. If you have practices of your own faith (such as prayer) and feel you can add them during the practice, you are welcome to listen to your opinions. Try it intuitively and adjust based on the results.

Important statement:
  1. The instructor has done his best to verify the authenticity of the information mentioned in this course. If there are still errors, please write to one@soulcoachsabrina.com, feasible adjustments will be made after confirmation.
  2. The effectiveness of meditation mentioned in this course comes partly from scientific research and empirical evidence, and partly from the personal experience of instructors and students. The actual effect is still affected by many factors such as individual differences, environment, and implementation methods.
  3. If you suspect symptoms of physical or mental illness during meditation practice, please seek professional help.
  1. news.gallup.com – World Unhappier, More Stressed Out Than Ever – June 28, 2022
  2. www.who.int – COVID-19 pandemic triggers 25% increase in prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide – March 2, 2022
  3. Calm Mind, Focused Brain: Meditation Exercise, the Science and Philosophy of How to Transform Your Body, Mind, and Brain Author Daniel Goldman Richard Davidson World Magazine Published on 30/3/2018
  4. How to change habits: Teach you step by step how to use the 30-day plan method to change the habits of 95%. Author Scott Young Mechanical Industry Press Published on March 1, 2016
Quiet your mind: Establish a good habit of stress-relieving meditation in ten days

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5 reviews for 讓頭腦安靜下來:十天建立紓壓冥想好習慣

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I hope the courses will be richer

  2. Jiaqi (verified owner)

    Because in Sabine’s course, you can easily feel the various comforts that meditation brings to the body, mind and soul. After the course, it is natural to incorporate meditation into your life. It can be said that meditation becomes a part of life without pressure. ! I didn’t deliberately try to cultivate the habit, but after ten days of continuous practice, the beauty was very gently internalized into my body and soul. Then I just followed the call of my body and soul, and meditation naturally became what I wanted to do after getting up. This is exactly what I wanted to do after getting up. This is what I have been trying to do before class, but have never been able to do it😛

    In addition, I really like the different experiences in each class. Depending on the needs and time of day, Sabine has different meditation and breathing methods to help me settle my body and mind. And my favorite is the class "Meditation to Make You Soft on the Outside and Strong on the Inside" - because I feel the sparkling self in meditation, I also continue to gently "empower" myself in life, feeling that I I am more courageous than before 🙂

  3. Li Wen (verified owner)

    A very considerate and practical stress-relieving meditation course. You can learn how to use different methods and tools to help you take good care of yourself in different situations.

    At the same time, under the guidance of the coach, I had the opportunity to realize and see myself more deeply, and I also received healing during the short daily practice.

    It is a course that is rich in gold content and you can immediately feel the learning effect. It is worth recommending!

  4. Annebel (verified owner)

    Having participated in Sabine's online meditation camp before, I successfully established a meditation habit; this ten-day meditation course allowed me to start to add new meditation habits and gain many new tools and inspirations. It is recommended for people who do not have the habit of meditating. You can experience many different ways and find your favorite meditation practice. It is also recommended for people who are already meditating. You can recalibrate and expand the meditation database and experience more possibilities of meditation. .

  5. Yanlin (verified owner)

    I used to meditate by reading books before, but maybe I couldn’t grasp the key points, or I didn’t have enough perseverance, so I always did it when I thought about it. Through Sabine's courses, I learned a set of organized methods that also include meditation that can be used in different situations, such as when I get up in the morning, before going to bed at night, or even walking outdoors. I continued to meet Sabin in the inner space every day, and gradually developed the habit of meditation, and learned to have an inner dialogue with myself. This may not be achieved overnight, but taking Sabin's course is a good way to start understanding it. own way.

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